Saturday, 12 February 2011

Public reaction

Few cheeky comments on the blog...
  • he hates art 
  • he’s rude 
  • he can’t design a blog to save his life 
  • it’s hideous to look at 

top bant

Others have said:

"Badly designed blog, even if this is the ironic intention it’s vile and should be re-designed so more people would enjoy looking at it and take on board your message. And i take offence to the gratuitous use of swearing.’’ Anon.

The students need to check their banter gauge. This is the anti-blog. Dedicated to anti shit, any shit. Doesn't matter if you are Mandela.

This blog post has incorporated a twatish student lexicon, I apologise, but it gets down to their level of thinking.


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