Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Dutty Iron in the SOUL...

Had a dutty day at work, FLATLINE got ELBOW a 9 to 5. Throwing him into the throngs of capitalist thought and propaganda. Just needs some fucking kids, house, and wife, in that order. Working turns your dutty soul to iron, stick that up your big arseing society Cameron you dutty CUNNNNNNNNNTTTTTT. Long live Gordon Brown Town.


Monday, 30 May 2011

Car Issues an ting...

My dad bought a ford granada, I shat myself every time we came close to a traffic jam. DUTTY BAD MAN TING........ Take that henry ford you racist cunt, this granada was green not black.

Henry Ford the original dutty bad man ting - look at the racism in his eyes

Matez, check out BRAVE NEW WORLD. It's like the world if this Ford lad had his way. It will scare the Mother of Christ out of you, it's where we're headed in life. Thank FORD for that. Ford is the dutty bad man in life. Stop driving, ride a fixie wheel bike everywhere.

This is what your good friend DUTTY HITLER had to say "I regard Henry Ford as my inspiration"

blogspot public masturbate


Some dutty men have been viewing this blog. They found it on google after searching for"blogspot public masturbate". In other news, look at this dutty pint of the black stuff.

Heavy weekend for E&FL. Some choice quotage from the banterman.

"look mate we've been friends a long time, you can't just go around calling me a cunt like that, it's not nice YOU SHITDICK"

"I lost my penis to Cambodian genocide"


Sunday, 22 May 2011

Ukrainian odyssey...

We have a visitor from UKRAINE. So rather than be cynical, this post is in praise of such a wonderful country. No traveller cunts, just a country that no longer lets anyone fuck with it. Ukrainian people don't let any shit pass them by.


Incidentally Odessa is the administrative centre of the Odessa Oblast (province) located in southern Ukraine.

Adventures of Lars Tharp....

E&FL have been a bit busy.
But here is the story of somebody that travels to a generic foreign country in order to find themselves.

Hi, my name is Traveller Dick Head.

I like to sit in western-style cafes and pretend to meditate while secretly I actually want to masturbate in front of my iPad and update my twitter with my thoughts on the travelling experience, i.e. being miserable most of the time.

But I do this in a noisy environment with all the other western middle class public schooled twats, chain smoke and drink coffee. To be honest, I'm desperate to fit into this generic foreign country, and be like the locals despite the fact I am white and my ipod cost more than they would earn in two years. Why is everyone ignoring me?

I'm going to ask someone for a lighter, and sound like I'm stoned - need to sound like I'm part of the scene.

King Regards

Lars Tharp (Antiques dealer)

This is me meditating in a cafe, why am I on my own :-(((