Monday, 6 June 2011

Let's exploit you

So. Added adsense to this. The capitalist system in full effect. Maybe this blog is hypocritical. Maybe life is hypocritical. Maybe we're just being ironic. Maybe life is ironic. The LOL Ting is the adverts that come up. It's like god is trying to speak to Elbow & Flatline about their lifestyle. (Disclaimer: God doesn't actually exist...sorry if we ruined your Bar/Bat-Mitzvah).
They include.......
"Alcohol not fun anymore? Stop drinking forever in 4 weeks"
"Alcohol addiction advice"
"Musicians get discovered" - Particularly ironic given the blasting we've given to new pretentious music
"Fitness and sport dating" - Yeah, girls are turned on by sweaty alcoholics
"Addiction recovery guide" - HOW DID THEY KNOW WE WERE ADDICTS?!! It's like 1984 all over again, only 27 years too late!
"Recovery of Ethanol and alcohols in tanktruck quantities to your specs" - Actuaaaal What the SHIT!

Essentially, this blog is written under the influence of whatever. It's like the adverts are trying to bring the blog down..and out. But then they get no hits because this blog ends. Capitalism is just one big contradiction.  
To be honest, the revolution WILL (and probs is) be(ing) televised. 

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