Sunday, 18 December 2011

Lost forever in translation...

Chapter 1:

did steam train hit chunfer station after ur frothy revs cocktail butt n our shotties!? LOL!gd nite eh buttt!u know tht barman was lik we havnt got any pineapple glasses, for my cocktail, n we wer lik wtf is tht lol, welllll i went downstairs to the bar later on n found out, an actual glass shaped like a pineapple with lik a leafy lid n lil hole for straw, was the highlight of my nite butt!hahaxx

Chapter 2:

haha aww ye ye , by accident, tht old chestnut eh!:p haha thot u wud after the froth, yuck lol aw butt the glass was amazing, duno y i didnt take it with me as souvenir, gt pics so wen i put em up hav look, made my nit it did haha aw well not too abd actually, dragged annie to chippy lane wen revs closed as i was gagging for sum gracy cheese chips n a jumbo susage in batter, my drunken feast lol, so tht eased any rumble in the jungles i think tbh, but pricye was feelin it thismorn after gettin evryone the shotsticks in lol! havin nemore nites out fbre u head home nw butt? we doin business nite out tomoz, rechargin the batteries today now for it as im bludy shattered as bin one manci wk!!lolxxx

Da Vinci CUNT: 2011 brought to you by the illiterate Dan Brown's ASS.

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