Tuesday, 22 March 2011

So...Cyprus joins the party. I wonder if the visitor was from the Greek or Turkish side. Hopefully the latter....just to be controversial. Or the British military base that is launching attacks on Gadaffi. Poor old Gadaffahhh. If he had Twitter then we would link him to this blog.

Now. For some pretentiousness.


What the fucking hell are they thinking with this video? Just because they're from Norway, doesn't mean they aren't pretentious benders.

We aren't even going to link the next band, but check out Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs if you love bands with fucking ridiculous names. Imagine being in the band and meeting someone:

Band Twat: "Oh yeah, I'm a 'musician' (read: use GarageBand on my mac) in a band"
Idiot with ironic haircut: "Oh wow, what's it called?"
Band Twat: "errr, totally enormous extinct dinosaurs"
Idiot with ironic haircut: "yeah....okay...fuck off you pretentious muff-evader."
Band Twat: "Fine, fuck you, you just don't understand my art. You know nothing. Only other artists understand."

NOW, for the first hit that comes up on the Google search for "new media art". It isn't new media, but this is a deserving photo. This blog is very cynical, but for once, it is promoting something:

Take that you esoteric twats

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