Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Entente Cordial

What with this furore around Gadaffi, who was exclusively revealed as the manager of the new music alliance between our favourite politicans, the planned album and tour have stalled. However, we can reveal that the group have decided to call themselves 'Entente Cordiale'.

The band have had to postpone a tour and album release because, in his own words, Blair explained, "I've got this little mess to clear up in the Middle East as UN Envoy. Cherie isn't happy, I'm not happy, but these blasted Israelis and Palestinians keep throwing bombs around like little Ewan does when shouting pro-Cameron soundbites at Cherie in the morning". Sounds intense.

However, FUCKGEIST can exclusively reveal (in more ways than one), the new cover for the forthcoming album. Gordon Brown explained the reasoning behind the decision to have Clinton and Al Gore in skimpy costumes: "Well, I think of it (weird breath in) as Bill has a strong sexual appeal that is better than a poster girl (weird breath in), and Al Gore shows that as a group we are very hypocritical".

More news soon, folks.....

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