Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Royal Marine Exercise in Lympstone Village

Setting the scene: Near to a village in East Devon, called Lympstone, there is a Royal Marines Commando "Training" Centre. Each year, the marines take over the village, and this culminates in the new officers that are 'passing out' (no, not after a night at QCLUB) apprehending 'criminals' from one of the local pubs. Obviously this attracts quite a few locals, and these are actively encouraged to resist this arrest. They are given a talk half an hour before the 'arrest', and even told a safety word, in this case 'VIKING', in case they need to call things to a halt.

FLATLINE was part of this 'resistance', and as much fun as it may have been getting to call marines 'cunts' and pushing them around causing a fuss, it painted a real, true and quite saddening image of what people from our country do in the name of the government. Just from a practice exercise, FLATLINE has a bruise. Weak man.

Just imagine this happening in a village in a remote part of Afghanistan, or Iraq, or anywhere that our supposed government has invaded. The 'media' wonders why people "representing" our "country" (the interests of Multi National Companies) are met with such hatred. Because they act like total badmen, AND they believe they are working for some sort of 'good cause'.

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